The Author

Barbara lives in Far North Queensland with
her husband and
a variety of pets. Over
the years she has had dog’
s, birds, lizards,
insects,including crickets and beetles. She
even has a genus of katydids named in her
. Through all of this Rodney has been
constant companion, living in several
aquariums in Canberra and the
Far North.
They have
an exceptional relationship and
are quite content.

The Illustrator

Kal Hagberg is a visual artist and jeweller, based in
Atherton, Queensland. Hagberg‘s multidisciplinary
practice spans drawing, painting, sculpture as well as
and silversmithing, Across the various media,
Hagberg takes a figurative approach in exploring the
nuance and emotion of the human subject and
natural world
. In recent years, Hagberg’s painting
works have been selected as finalists for the Kennedy Art Prize, Stan and Mareen Duke Gold Coast Art Prize
and the Nora Heysen Centenary
Art Prize for Still Life. In addition to which he has won jewellery design awards
in Australia and Hong Kong.

“I am thrilled to have had the opportunity to illustrate
‘The Adventuresof Rodney and Me. I had a great deal
fun working with Barbara, helping to bring her story to life”.