I run to try and keep up with Barbara. Hey, I’m a turtle, yes, I CAN RUN! Barbara makes it worth it with the goodies I know are in my dish. She uses this game as a way to give me exercise. Once we have reached the steps, Barbara sits and places my dish on the floor so that I can make my own selection of which piece of food I want first. Yes, of course I look for the biggest piece. I’m no dummy. This always surprises my Barbara? But she always takes it away from me, telling me that my eyes are bigger than my moputh or my belly. It has yet to be cut into bite size turtle pieces… After I fight to keep it, I choose again.

I love fish. But Barbara also feeds me prawns, squid rings – she says it has calcium and is good for me – marinara mix and my favourite… SCALLOPS!!! Especially on special occasions like Christmas… SCALLOPS!!! And Annabelle, without a doubt. I hate vegetables!!! Why would I touch them when I can have cuisine? This Christmas I got Kind prawns and scallops for my Xmas pressie. Of course, I love this game!

Although turtles are able to eat outside of the water, I always feed Rodney from his tank. Turtles use the water to assist in swallowing and I ensure that I cut his pieces into turtle bite size pieces, but he IS still a guts…

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